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HI all, currently live in Lancashire but I’m working in Aberdeen for a 6 month period. Living in hotels, drinking beer most nights.

Enough is enough!

Looking for a C25K group[ alternately ill have a go on my own. I get a bus to work in the mormning and will start the run home tonight ( I usuallly walk it).

Overweight at the minute about 4-5 stone, lager is my downfall. I lost about 2 stone last year, however seeing my mum pass away in front of me (52 year old) I started to drink beer again and put most back on.

Hopefully this will help me both physically and mentally

Any advice would be welcome


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Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Stick to the plan, including the rest days. You may well feel you can do more but the injury risk for new runners is very high if they do too much too soon.

The plan works..........going your own way is risky and could stop you in your tracks for days, weeks or months.

Enjoy your journey.

Many thanks. By going it alone I mean running by myself for the time being, I wouldn’t want to start part way through a c25k group.

I'll join you when back in Lancs Lee

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What a great idea to run home from work just follow the plan and see how you get on it will help both physically and mentally good luck

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