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Week 2 complete!


Can’t believe I’ve managed to complete week 2. Still hard - mainly the legs feel heavy after the first bit of running and remain that way. Without the encouragement from the app I know I’d too easily give in. But I can’t believe how good I feel after completing each session. Going to have two rest days, due to work commitments, before tackling week 3 on Friday ... but already looking forward to the challenge.

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Congratulations, that's a really good achievement. Onwards and upwards!!


Well done, believe in the program! It works! I was where you are just a few weeks ago and now run (slowly) for 30 minutes without a rest. The trick is to let Laura tell you what to do, but to keep the running pace slow enough to complete the task. You will develop confidence in your ability to get the pace right. Count every occasion that you put on your shoes and get out of the door as a success and celebrate every session completed.

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