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R1W2 done

So I did get home from work until nearly 8pm, was easy to skip running at that time but I didn’t....stuck to the ‘it’s only half an hour’ mentality and got on with it. Feel so much better this morning knowing I didn’t skip a planned session, did a good 5 mind of stretches afterwards and even better, no aches this morning! For the first time ever I believe I may actually complete the plan!

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Course you will ! You already know the secret . . . Which is to get out there and just do it 😄


Well done! You are inspiring me to feel positive about W2!


For the first time my head is in the right place and I’m so keen, I was almost (not quite!) disappointed today was a rest day! First time I’ve totally followed the plan...maybe a lesson for me there! Definitely keep going...😁


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