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New trainers new pain

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I’ve just bought my first pair of proper running trainers, Brooks launch 5. They were on sale and reviews were good... but my feet are now hurting after running! They feel comfy, not too tight, not too lose and they have improved my pace a lot!

The top of my feet just before the toes is achy. My previous trainers (basic fashion,Nike run) never gave me any issues at all but I don’t think they gave any support,

Do I need to buy some proper insoles or socks or something? The Brooks are very springy, so could it be that my feet are running in a different way if that makes sense and using different muscles in the feet?

Any advice would be great, thanks

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Did you get a gait analysis done? If so they should be really comfortable. I know with Brooks they will take them back if they aren’t suitable. I’m sure someone more experienced will comment shortly.

Hi, no didn’t get a gait analysis done but kind of done it online on their site. I’ve just seen there is a running shop near me that offers a gait analysis so going to pop in there. the launch 5’s say they are natural and energising, which I guess is why they are so springy and different shape to my old ones.

I’m running longer and faster but the muscle pain the next day is a lot more.... limp walking lol

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I don't know what gait those shoes are designed for, but without a gait analysis, your purchase is a bit of a shot in the dark and they may be totally inappropriate for you.

I tried the Brooks' shoe finder site and it suggested a different shoe to the one that I had bought, and been very satisfied with, after a gait analysis.

Alternating your shoes is a good way to break in new shoes and your long as they are the correct shoes.

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