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W8R2 knee injury

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Thought I’d posted this a couple of hours ago but can’t find it. Sorry if repeating. My knee injury was MCL sprain (medial collateral ligament). Luckily not a tear but still Couldn’t weight beat at all. Minor injuries unit excellent, adjusted crutches, tubigrip, advice. RICE etc. Now day 5 and I’d like to know when to try again. Don’t want to wait 6 weeks! Much better, short walks (with crutches). When there’s no pain can I try again or should I leave it a few weeks? Really don’t want to go back to W1! 65 so might be slower to heal.

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Please don’t rush it & take the advice given. Although l didn’t have an MCL injury, l did have an ACL injury. Like you, not a tear. I saw a sport therapist & was out for a couple of months. When l resumed running (a shuffle really) l went back to week 7. For me, my thoughts were if l push it & not heed the advice l was given, l could further injure myself & be out for even longer. The choice is yours really. Whatever you decide, take care👍🏻

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Thanks for the advice. Will try!

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I’d listen to the medical professionals, they’ve been around many cases of this. There’s no point rushing it, it’s much better to wait until fully healed and cleared again by the doctors.

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