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Eat and drank too much last night - let’s give W3R3 a go 😂


My resolve cracked last night so the red wine and pate took a hammering 😞 felt really hungover this morning and didn’t think I could do the run but as significant other had a friend round and kicked me out of the house I had no choice. Well blow me down if the run wasn’t probably the best I’ve done. The three minutes of W3R1 felt like an eternity but I was almost looking forward to the final 3 minutes of this run 😀 I am definitely getting better at this 😀😀

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Well done.

I'm feeling sore after wk3 run2 but am slowly improving too. Mind you bei g chased by a dog helped.

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Love to hear how R3 goes


Good running... not sure on the prep! Vassos Alexander has mentioned running being a good hangover cure, science says the opposite! Enjoy week 4!

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