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Park Run 2019

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Today was my first park run of 2019. Those of you who have read my posts before will know that my local park run is a 30+ minute drive away. My goal for 2019 is to try to complete a park run in each calendar month. My running has been limited for the last few weeks as it’s too dark to run before or after work so its been weekends only - then I found that I had booked myself out every weekend in December. Oops!

But back to park run..... there were over 360 people at park run this morning that is over 100 more than any other I’ve attended. An amazing turnout. Well done to everyone for being motivated to get out on a grey January morning!

My goal wasn’t to be quick but just to get round without walking. I left home in drizzle but arrived to dry weather if sticky underfoot. We’re doing the ‘winter’ circuit at the moment to try to avoid the worst of the mud in the park. I was pleased to complete the run in 30 minutes- I knew it wasn’t going to be particularly quick, and laughed when we all ground to a halt when someone decided to stop and walk on the only single file part of the circuit on lap 1 which created an amusing domino effect as those behind all concertina’ed into each other! Thankfully the rain held off till 10 minutes after we’d finished. Then it tipped down.

I was delighted to find out this week that there is an initiative to start a park run in my most local town which will mean a sub 10 minute drive or 25 minute walk & will be much more convenient.

Good luck to everyone with your challenges this week - whatever they might be. 👍😊🏎🏁

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Great running in the mud... that proposed local parkrun will be really handy if you fancy a 10k, run there, round and home 😂

Happy running

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