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Pulled muscle ?


Did my usual run today, 6k around the same route as usual which I've been running two or three times a week for the last few months.

Nothing unusual until about 4.5k in, when I got a sharp pain about half way up my left calf, sore enough that I couldn't put weight on it and walked the rest of the way trying not to lean on it. It's not much better an hour later, I've been gently stretching and relaxing it as it feels like it wants to stiffen up if I leave it alone. It's OK so long as I don't put much weight on it.

Thinking to just let it sort itself out for a couple of days ?

Thanks for any ideas :)

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There is advice on treatment of injuries in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Take care.


Rest up...roll and try some gentle calf exercise after a day or so..do NOT run until pain has gone...and check out the link...


Ouch... RICE and monitor it. When pain free, go slow, gentle and short for a few runs at least to let it strengthen back up. Hope you’re not out too long.

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