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Timing glitch in the app?


Yesterday and today I noticed that the timing goes slightly awry with the app - the warm up 5 mins seemed long, I'd been walking a couple of minutes but it still said 4.28 (out of 5) to go for example. My half time bell rings late and my cool down walk dropped from 2. something minutes to go, to basically finished.

I think the timings of the main bits of the walk/run routine are ok, but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Thanks

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Plus, the whole of today's run/walk should have been 24 minutes including warm up and warm down, but my distance app told me I was out for 31 minutes.


Did you get any phone calls during the session? I had a an issue in an early week when my daughter called me and as I was on a walking section I took the call. Took me a couple of minutes to realise that the call had paused the app.

Also had a problem when my Bluetooth headphones lost power and disconnected, that also paused the C25K app.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. As it happened all three week three runs, I just accepted it (no phone calls etc) but Week 4 Run 1, all seems to be bang on time!


Hi, I noticed the same last night. I had Runkeeper running and it updated the stats just as I was sposed to go from jog to walk! Caused the app to pause and I’m sure I ran an extra 30 secs before I noticed I cudnt breath 😂.

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