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Ran week 6 twice but I’m so proud of myself


When I first started this I was planning (as is my typical way of doing this) of ploughing through it and getting it done as soon as possible. ‘I’ll run on consecutive days’ I thought or ‘I’ll run every other day so it’s quicker than three times a week’. Mainly cause I just wanted it done and so I can say that I’ve done it.

Well my viewpoint has completely shifted as shown by this week. Over Christmas at my parents, I posted a couple of times about how I was feeling bored and had to do each run twice cause I was just stopping out of sheer boredom so wasn’t completing it the first time. When I returned back to where I live, I should have been on week 6 run three. Now, my mindset has changed as I really do want to make the most out of this challenge and make running a long term thing. So I started week 6 again and now I’m back where I was previously. I’m so proud of those two runs because I took the time to go back and make sure it was done properly and make sure I was ready for the next step.

This may seem like a tiny thing to others reading it but I’m just happy I took the time to do it right and I really have been enjoying the ‘journey’ of couch to 5k :)

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Good work MJ. You’ll get more out of this now you’re putting more in. Have fun and enjoy your journey x


There are no safe quick fix solutions to becoming a runner..........it takes months, if not years, of slow steady progress and if you stop.........you become a non runner.

Well done.


Great running... and that mindset seems to be spot on to me. Enjoy the next ones and being in control of your journey.

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