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Wk6 r2

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Just done this run tonight. And for probably the first time i thought afterwards that run wasn't too bad. I've heard a lot of people say they found it got easier. Looking forward to running. Enjoying the run, and i have thought to myself really! I never got any of that. But after today maybe i do a little bit. I'd like to hope i feel this way after every run now as all long ones from now on. Maybe i will maybe i won't. But for now i will enjoy the feeling.

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One run at a time. 'Tis the only way..... Well done 👏👏

I'm doing week 6 run 2 this weekend so I'm hoping it's going to go as well as it did for you. Used to love running as a teenager but now 50+ it's not so much fun but I'm seeing progress. Well done us for getting off the couch - especially in Winter while everyone else is hibernating - we'll be flying in Spring - hopefully !!

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Hopefully it goes well for you. 25 mins today. That I'm not looking forward too. Legs are aching just thinking about it x

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