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W1R3 - Run, don’t walk. Seriously, start running. WAKE UP AND RUN

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I guess sometimes these days, we’ll, quite often if I’m honest, I’m not quite all there. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s my scrambled baby brain, maybe it’s because I’ve always been a daydreamer with the attention span of a daydreamer with the attention span of a... what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, so whatever the reason, my mind often wanders and I’m in my own little world and when I snap out of it I’m not quite sure how much time has passed or what she was talking about all that time but now she’s expecting me to respond so I better improvise quickly.

On this occasion it was a very minor example but at some point during one of the 90 second walks I completely zoned out. I was walking and all ready for the penultimate run to start when Jo Whiley told me to slow down for the last break before the final run. Oh No Whiley. Say it ain’t So Whiley. Where did the time Go Whiley?

Fortunately the app lets you skip back and forth between each section of a run so it wasn’t hard to get back on track and the run remained uninterrupted, I just unintentionally had a longer break then planned but that’s hardly something to complain about.

I guess it just shows overall how chilled out a run it was and after a long, sleep deprived week it was just what I needed. It was another later start because I had to make a quick detour after the school run to pick my partner up, but at 4pm on a Friday a quick detour doesn’t really exist here so I was a little healed up.

But sure enough, as soon as we got home I was off. I went with Madness again (I am going to play that album to death and then move onto their next one) but had an extended walk before starting because I think I need it.

In fact, apart from a bit of breathlessness, a bit of chest tightness and a few odd pains, the only real issue I had was that my ankles were hurting. Anyone know what might be causing that? I’ve got a little extra weight but not a lot so I don’t think it’s that, is it just that I’m out of practise? Should I stretch for longer first? Do I need better running shoes? Is this just a thing that happens in your thirties?

Ankle pains aside, it was a nice run and probably the best of the week. I started it in a good place and when I snapped back to reality I finished it in a good place. Since it was already dark I had to give the park a miss again so I stuck to the path and did a few circuits of the neighbourhood.

Sure enough the last run rolled around and I started to consider a little bonus running at the end but instead I decided to stick to 60 seconds and put all my remaining energy into that so I picked up the pace and ran for it. I maybe could have carried on by the end but I thought, on this occasion, best quit while I’m ahead.

So, Week 1 completed! Again! It’s taken some effort but I did it once before and it was harder then so I feel good going forwards. If we can maintain this very shaky but almost sort of consistent routine at home, I may just be able to devote the time I need to this. I *think* I might be back.

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You should be ok with your running shoes for the first few weeks but it is worth investing in some better ones for the longer runs.

Keep an eye on the ankle pains. Stretching after a run is something you should get in a habit of doing to avoid aches and pains.

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Yay! Still at it. 😁😁😁

You're doing fantastic!

😸 Katnap 😸

Lol that wandering mind will do you right when your on the longer runs! I am on week six and had to mentally think about what I was going to think about on my run so I don't focus so much on how long it seems to be taking!

And depending on your fitness level... I must say until these longer runs where I actually feel like I need the five minutes cool down walk, I used to run half of it just because I had the energy and stamina. But I built up my fitness level first with 2 mile brisk walks daily before doing C25K.

I know it will be advised against not sticking to the plan....

Also if your ankles hurt then it's probably wise not to push it...

I do a warm up 5 minutes YouTube video before I start - which has knee lifts, jogging on spot, leg kicks, squats that sort of thing. Then after I do leg stretches for the calves, thighs, shins etc. Again learned from a YouTube video although now I just do them without as I know them by heart.

In the beginning I got shin splints and knee pain so I tend to think the warm up and stretches are pretty important....

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Loved your post, my concentration span is the size of a gnat and I’m surprised I’ve got this far! It’s nice to have the headspace you get when running but it’s difficult to not wander off completely on a cloud. I’m just about to graduate so I’m sure you’ll get there too

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