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W1R3 - Complete


Wow, didn't think I'd be saying that.. ok m actually kinda chuffed with myself, and in all honesty a little apprehensive about W2R1 but in sure it's gonna be fine ;)

Think in going to stick with a Mon We'd Fri schedule but don't really want to leave it two days over the weekend.. what are your opinions on say a 30 Min Brisk walk on Sunday? Good idea or bad?

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Any walk works on any rest day... as does most exercise... just no running or high impact leg work.. so fill yer boots!

Great job on week 1.. week 2 isn’t a big step up... look at the total workout length, look at this weeks... think what you did before week one... you’ve done the biggest step up. Enjoy week 2

Perfect, thank you for the advice!! Will consider walks on rest days, need my 10K steps!!!

In sure W2 will be fine, it's just fear of the unknown once W2R1 is in the bag I'll be fine.