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Absolutely loved it. I did 4km which I am super happy with.

My knee has been playing up, but seems to be on the mend.

Quite looking forward to Friday’s run which will be graduation as I will be able to do it in the daytime.

My plan after Friday is to consolidate with 30 min runs for about three weeks, and then up the time so that I do 5km as I doubt I will be able to do that in 30 mins ever!

Not sure what to focus on after that though.

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Great job... love every step of Friday’s run. Your postgrad plan is perfect... consolidation and then close the 5k is the best way to do them. So, that gives you the rest of the month to consider your options. I’d recommend some kind of goal setting, but that can be done by booking a 5k run in a few months time, it doesn’t have to be further or faster, it just has to be what you love about running and the differences it makes to you.

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Well done you... very close now... :)

Take it gently and after Graduation :) then a couple of weeks or so of consolidation.... lots of runs...30 minutes and some different routes and some shorter and maybe a longer run here and there. See how it feels.

Then.. so much to choose from... head across to Bridge to 10K for the continuation and consolidation advice in C25K and Beyond!! Loads of ideas there.. and even, if you fancy it a great plan of ju-ju- 's for taking you to 10K :)

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