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New to this c25k

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So I’m new to all this excercise lark, Iv not excercised since school and 20 years on Iv decided to give it a go. I always hated running at school but although not overweight, I feel it’s time to tone up and get fit. I always envious of people running but always hated that burning feeling in my chest.

Anyway Monday I did my first run, it was ok, difficult headwind as do cold but I completed it. Today I did my 2nd run on the treadmill. I found it much easier and even continued till I reached the 3k. Im really looking forward to my next run which should be Friday but feel I want to go tomorrow. Do you guys all stick with the miss a day rule?

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Yes stick to the days rest. Your body needs time to repair. If you go tomorrow you’ll be tired and it will be harder. I would suggest you don’t do too much too quick as you may injure something 😬😊

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Well done getting started.

Each time you run, you cause micro-tears in the leg muscles. These need a rest day to heal and strengthen again, and also after that you will develop more muscle. This whole process takes a couple of sleeps.

The lack of a recovery day will, therefore, prevent some of that development happening between runs, and also (more seriously) have you running on weakly repaired micro-tears... they can open up again along with the new ones that you’re causing on that next run and can become full on muscle tear. You could be looking at 3 months out with a torn muscle, so it’s not worth the risk.

After 6-12 months of running it’s possible to remove the rests days one by one as the muscle build is done and so it’s just the repair work going on.

Happy, and more importantly, safe running.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

When you run you create microtears in your muscles which repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running, which is why rest days are as important as the workouts.

Stick to the plan. Doing extra will increase your injury risk which could bring all your enthusiasm to a grinding halt.

Enjoy your journey.

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Follow the link from IannodaTruffe ... slow and steady and never, ever miss a rest day.. or jump a run or a week.. it is the sure way to the IC...:)

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