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I've been a backslider over the holiday....

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I had a bit of a wobble with things around the middle of December - had been repeating Wk 9 for about 8 weeks. Had my first run today and all was good until the last five minutes where I really struggled.

That said, I do feel a lot better now after the run. I have been feeling a bit sluggish the past few weeks so wondered if your body starts to react to the lack of regular exercise.

My plan is to do two more runs this week then do my first 5k park run on Saturday morning.

Have others slipped a bit over the holidays? How have they approached getting back into a good pattern of activity?

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I’ve been ok but struggled in Nov with a 2nd week repeat of wk 8 (didn’t want to finish the programme too soon - 1st time easy please, 2nd week I nearly cried when she said you have 3 minutes left 😂), so I went back to wk 7 & did that for a month til I felt ‘easier’ to move on. Am now on 2nd repeat of wk 8 & it feels fantastic- so I’m going to repeat it for fun for a month before moving to week 9! I’m all for knocking 5 mins off until it feels manageable again - easier to get back into a pattern of running regularly rather than feeling disappointed by the end!

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