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Weekend Walking

Spent the weekend walking the dog - lovely breezy treks with great views, although it did have the unfortunate effect of reminding me how far 5k seems at the beginning...and how many times Maisey stops for a sniff en route. But it just means that I will have to make time for both, I'm thinking walk Maisey on my 'running rest days'. I do feel guilty going out without her, but she will get plenty of time out in the fresh air.

Saturday was a successful walk on the beach - 4.4 and a bit miles or 9900 steps at an apparently healthy pace according to my android phone. Thinking the beach could be a good weekend place to run, its scenic no matter the weather and quiet this time of year.

Sunday involved a 2.8mile amble (6200 steps) on Lytham green - much busier here on weekends but will be better for running at night because it has bright street lamps along the path and there's always people out walking. It's where I did all of my couch to 5k training last time.

Had fidgety legs all night and have woken up with an ache in my left shin. Hmm.

Cough seems to be subsiding, thinking Wednesday might be the day to start day 1!!

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I have taken to not running with Wilson. Having to keep stopping to perform dog duties is too disruptive. So I do an early run and walk him later. Also had a lovely walk with him yesterday with friends, just over ten miles which didn’t feel that long so must be getting fitter.

I was worried I would be too tired for w5r1 this morning but it went ok. Dreading w5r3 though!

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I think morning runs are really impressive!! I just cant do it, no, not can't, I just really don't want to. I wish I did, but I know I will never go so I avoid disappointing myself :)

Good luck with w5r3!

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Don’t dread it. It’s been my favourite run so far 🙂

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I’ve found as long as I keep my dog on lead she is happy to trot alongside me at my pace. If I let her off then she goes off into the dog world of sniffing and stuff! I can’t do early mornings either. I did enjoy the one I did a few weeks ago at about 8am on a Saturday but I normally leave for work at 7 am, so having time to run and shower etc before then just seems unreasonable 😂

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