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Trochanteric bursitis


Made it to week 7 and was feeling so proud of myself for sticking to the plan. (Im 47 and have done virtually no excercise since school). Developed pain in my left hip that hurt when walking but didn't hurt when jogging. Finally went to Drs after about 3 weeks and she thinks it's trochanteric bursitis. Had a week of anti inflammatories and it does seem to have cleared it up however I'm feeling anxious about heading back out again, concerned the pain will come back even worse and I'm worried I could injure myself for longer. Any advice?

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Slow and gentle running is going to be best coming back from any injury... lesson the impacts where you can, land feet under the body and flat, soft running surfaces, and good shoes are the keys to letting joints strengthen.

Specifically these exercises apparently. There’s a 30 day planking challenge app out there.


Try a gentle Irishprincess jogette... that means heading out very gently and steadily. Listen to your body but remember if, like many of us you are feeling a tad nervous you may be holding yourself tensely. Try to relax, land lightly...Kiss the ground with your feet and just take a short foray!

Once you have been out you will be fine... :)

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