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Weight related

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So I went to weight watchers this morning, the same as I do every Saturday. I gained 2.5lbs. But that was over 2 weeks and with new year in the middle.

I read on here somewhere that I won’t see any weight loss until my flab has finished changing into muscle. Only then will I lose weight. Is this true? If so, do we no roughly how long this takes?

Obviously I realise each person is different, just a rough estimate would be helpful.

Have a good Saturday everyone.

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Jogging is not really an activity for weight loss on its own. It will make your body change shape, it will make you fitter and healthier, but it is not a panacea for weight loss.

Hopefully a little weight will come off as I am also following the weight watchers plan.

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Congratulations, the fact that you are going to Weight Watchers is excellent, beat the flab, forget about Xmas and New year 😊, that's past, concentrate on reducing your weight by eating healthy foods, going to Weight Watchers and joining C25K running program.

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Just a heads up I have been running for 10 weeks I also go to WW have been for a year and my weight loss has slowed but my body is more toned and my legs and waist have shrunk despite the slower weight loss.

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Novicesoph in reply to muppedo


Congrats on your own weight watchers journey. We can do it 😊

Thanks for the heads up. I shall have to keep an eye out.

I would just be happy to get back to where I was.

I shall keep you informed with how it goes if you like.


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You could also be seeing the results of muscle weighing more than fat - so you're trimmer and more toned but weigh a bit more. Running I think is a good addition to a healthy careful diet. I've just graduated, and over the time since mid Nov I've lost a few pounds and quite a couple of inches on every core measurement - and haven't adjusted my diet. There are jeans I can get into that I couldn't at the start.

You're showing great commitment - WW for a year and 10 weeks running - but you're also experiencing the stubborn plateau that happens to many people. Basically your body is trying to cling to its reserves - reserves of fat you want to get rid of! And I think the running will help shift this - over time. When we've completed the whole C25K we've run a total of less than 9 hours - with your 10 weeks you're now nearer 10 hours - which is a great achievement but not an enormous amount of time in the grand scheme of things. But if you continue to run 3 times a week, over a year that's 78 hours of running - think of the muscle and the tone of that! When you've consolidated your running you could try some HIIT and/or Fartlek (search here or around the web for more) and this kind of training can help with the plateau. But to prevent injury I think the advice for now is continue for a few more weeks with consolidation runs, but in Feb you'll be ready to advance.

Best of luck, you sound very focused on this - and it's the running and the muscle building that will keep you trim when you move on from WW.

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Kinda and maybe.

First, may I say very well done getting through the festive season with only 2.5 pounds added... it’s a time to enjoy yourself and take a break from weight loss in my opinion.

Now, running alone won’t produce any significant weight loss ever. A marathon burns 2/3 of a pound of fat, well actually it doesn’t because carb loading before a marathon fuels the run... running 42k in 5k chunks would lose that weight though as it doesn’t need carb loading or similar. Running alone, would gain you a few pounds do to better than average hydration and muscle build, and it will tone you up, so you’d be smaller, but not necessarily in places you’re looking to lose it (life’s a female dog like that sometimes)

That’s the running... however, you’re also on WW plan, and a good nutritional plan combined with cardio (running) can be a formidable weight loss regime. My daughter lost size on the plan and weight since... she’s happy with the progress. One think we do is to take a small piece off her evening meal’s protein and she has that after a run... the body craves protein after exercise (that we mistake for regular hunger) and will use protein in the first 90 minutes post run to build muscle readily. It’s literally a 10g slice of meat that will satisfy the hunger for her and stop her desire to snack.

So... it’s very possible to lose weight during the muscle building, but it will be a little slower than you are used to. I was reading that running after 10 hours without food is a trigger to turn on the body’s fat burning processes, so maybe running before breakfast would counter the issue, but we haven’t tried that.

Thank you. I am amazed it was only 2.5lbs.

At this point, I would just be happy be slimmer lol. I am worried that once I graduate from c25k I will stop. Normally I don’t even get this far but because it’s exercise, which normally I hate, I never get to the end, let alone carry on past the finish.

As for WW, I was doing so well, and then I got to the week of my 29th birthday last year, I lost my mojo. I just hope I lose something before my 30th. Just something would be good lol.

I didn’t know that 10g of meat would suffice to eat after my run. Can it be any meat?

I’ve never been used to losing a lot at any one time lol. I only ever loose a maximum of 1lb a week.

My first run was done before breakfast and I felt really good after that. So maybe that is the way forward.

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Novicesoph

Doesn’t have to be meat... I’m vegetarian and use eggs for protein after a run... higher in fat, but that can I do. My daughter hasn’t been raised vegetarian as we didn’t think it was right to impose that on her, so she picks a meat for dinner on run days and I pop it in the sous vide and when we get in from a run cut a little off it and flash fry it. She used to be a grazer but that slice does the trick for her now.

A pound a week is pretty much perfect for losing it, the slower you lose it the less difficult it is to maintain... I’ve known many people who’ve lost weight fast and are looking for the next diet a few months later, I think we all have. Slow losing is adjusting your portions and the balance of your diet... then you just stop changing it at your goal and you’re already on the maintenance plan.

If early runs suit you stick to them. Enjoy the journey... in running and weight loss the biggest key is just never giving up.

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This post might help you with some facts healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You can lose weight with running. This time last year I was 19.06st. Pre Xmas I was 13st13lb and put on nearly a stone over Xmas but I was happy to do that. I started c25k last April and after 1 week I put on half a lb but then I was losing every week. I carried on running till wk 5 then joined a gym while still doing c25k . I’ve carried on running since. I was doing SlimmingWorld so I know that works with losing weight anyway if you need any help just send me a message and will do my best

Thank you for that kind offer. Congrats on your weight loss. I guess it is different for everyone as we r all different.

I shall keep you updated. I do seem to write on here after every run.

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