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Week 9 run 1

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So here I am in week 9. I decided to give my legs a break after running every other day through the festive period and starting to feel it. So I skipped two running days this week making a 5 day rest/break period.

I was a bit apprehensive setting out on the 30 minute run but really pleased that I absolutely nailed it. Possibly a bit slower than previous runs but genuinely felt I could have kept running when I got to 30 minutes.

Covered 3.4 miles including the warm up and cool down walks and my Garmin said the time for 5k was 35:24.

Actually looking forward to the next two runs this week and graduating 😊

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so close now

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Great run. That’s a quick time as it had some walking in it... very nice. Embrace the last two runs... love every step... the last one is a celebration of the journey and you deserve to do just that.

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