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Thoughts on week 4!

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I did w4r2 today....

I find the first 3 minutes run quite hard. I think because I'm not warmed up yet despite doing a 5 mins warm up before leaving the house and the 5 mins brisk walk. Half way through the five minutes run I hate the "you've done 2 and a half minutes" call as my brain does a quick "ooh only half a minute left" jig as if it's the 3 minute run. And then the person says "your half way there" and you suddenly twig you got another 2.5 mins to go! But weirdly something just clicks with the mental focus and I feel finally warmed up and somehow I do it!

Come the next 3 mins I'm enjoying it! And actually dislike the stop-start. The last 5 mins run is wow! I feel in the zone and warmed up! I actually carried on an extra minute as I didn't want to stop!

Week 5 sounds crazy impossible but I'm starting to get it when people on here say they prefer the continual run instead of the stop start. We will see! My last week 4 run is on Sunday!

I still can't believe the distance I can go now when a few months ago I could never run the distance between two lamp posts without gasping for air and wheezing!

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Huge well done... and after Week 5.. the runs get longer and you can relax into them.. and let the legs do what they are made for:) x

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Isn't it amazing what we can achieve, I had never run before I can now do 25 minutes it's nuts 😊😊

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