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Can’t run in the daytime

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Hi all,

First post, I’m on W8 R3 and for some reason I can only complete the runs in the evening when I’ve put the kids to bed about 8.30pm. I tried to go out today at 1pm and I had to stop twice and the same has happened previously when I’ve gone in the morning or daytime.

Any advice or tips as I would love to run during the day sometimes, especially at weekends!


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Hiya i have just finished Week 8 Run 2 about 5 mins ago. I found starting slower than if i'm running at night helps then, if i can, i speed up in the second half of the run. Also i don't listen to music i take in what's happening around me it's a sort of meditation. Give it a try and well done good luck and enjoy week 9.

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I wonder if it is to do with length of time after eating? Or are you trying to go faster earlier in the day without even realising - especially at this time of year when it is dark in the evening - “see better, go faster” might be happening??

You could try a “start slow and stay slow” approach - a pace that feels relaxed and has a feeling that you could choose to go faster but aren’t.

I mostly run after work in the evening, but do enjoy having a change at the weekend. For a morning run I have a cup of tea, (essential 😂), some dilute fruit juice & some banana- then eat ‘proper breakfast afterwards. Alternatively I do early breakfast, late morning run.

Hope that helps a bit. At the end of W8 you are doing really well- nearly on that podium , I’ll give it a polish for you! 😀

You are not alone. I run best in the evening too 😀 so have no wise words to share. Just works better for me at night too. Have no idea why???? I have done a few day time runs which have been okish but must say I was careful of when I ate before going.

Thanks everyone. I may be trying to run faster without realising it and I hadn’t really factored in eating time. Should I be leaving it a certain time after eating before I go for a run?

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