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Post Graduation Run

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All my runs pre graduation were on the treadmill. Just started 'on the road' and finding it a lot harder. Its the hills that normally you don't notice in the car are killers.

Ive done 2 runs this week of 5k including 5 minutes of walk in 34 minutes with a rise of 85 metres in total.

Not enjoyed it at all and had to stop to walk 3 times every run.

Any advice anyone?

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Yeah, just keep plugging away. Find some flat if you prefer 😃👍. Go only very slowly. No rush

Hill running is very difficult and can be off-putting at first, but it does help with your lung capacity. You can leave them for when you’re fitter though

If you have no option, then engage first gear Have a break as required. No problem

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I've been running on the streets for a few weeks now , used a running track at the start, when I first ran on streets I found it a by hard but I'm used to it now I have one steep hill then one continuous incline but it does get better good luck

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Running outside is different to the treadmill and takes a bit of getting used to, so don't beat yourself up if you can't go as fast or as far as you did before.

I'd say slow it down, take the pressure off and just enjoy getting out there. It will get easier, honest!

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Advice has to be slow it down. The pace will improve over time. You are now moving in 3D space in a way you didn’t before and you have weather to contend with.

You are spot on about those slight rises you don’t notice in a car. You’ll soon be more aware of them when driving, though - your brain will instinctively notice the lie of the land more. You’ll also become more aware of kerbs, drives, the camber, ...

Keep on keeping on and enjoy the next one.

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