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I’m a runner !

Sarah Millican says I’m a runner so that must be right - yes?!?! Just about to start W7 and feel amazing that I can run 25 mins without stopping ... I’m overweight , 55 , unfit , never thought I’d write or hear the three little words ‘I’m a runner ‘ ! I have simply embraced my inner snail .. and although this is my first post I’ve been reading everybody else’s supportive encouragement ! Thanks guys - it’s made me all the more determined to keep going to the end !

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Sounds like a runner to me! Great job and I think unfit should be confined to the past now in your description of yourself. Keep running it just as you are, you got this.


Well done! Can't wait to feel as good as this.....just getting started.....keep on running 💪


Thanks Poppypopp! Good luck on your own journey , just take each run as it comes and don’t try to look to far ahead ! It does work !!

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