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Week 6 Run 3 sorted!


Got through the 25 min run this morning. Not to bad a time doing it either, apart from one of those brain demons trying to tell me at the 20 minute point that I should stop. Had to ignore it and push on. Also, tried to record the run on Strava but it got confused and show me running across the middle of a lake 😟Still, I've completed the run, get in!😀

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Bad GPS signal... great run... that’s better than the other way round! Well done pushing through that moment of doubt. Enjoy week 7.

Bassman999Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore


Congratulations! An excellent achievement right before Christmas. Only 3 weeks left and you're smashing it. I just finished week 6, run 1 and kinda daunted by the next 2 runs.

Bassman999Graduate in reply to BethanDavies

I'm following you Bethan, so.. no pressure 😀 thanks for you encouragement.

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