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w4r3 a bit of a roller coaster!

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So, after my great w4r2 the other day I went out all gung ho, set off on the first 3 mins too fast and my Achilles/calf did something weird and I had to walk! Had a little cry and felt very sorry for myself, paused the run and headed home. As I walked it eased and I tentatively started jogging again and unpaused the run, and surprisingly I managed the whole thing very slowly and gently and my leg felt OK. Feels slightly stiff and a bit strange now though so hope it won't seize up . What a roller coaster of a run. Learnt a lesson about not setting off to fast! Might leave an extra days rest to make sure and up my stretches. Christmas might get in the way now too!

Felt a bit dispirited and then read a few inspirational posts on here and cheered myself up. I WILL get there, if with a few ups,downs and pauses! Thanks everyone for all your support (welling up again now- what a softie I am!)

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Sensible today, so great that you could go and complete it. I hope there’s no reaction, and yes, take that extra rest day.

You’re right... you will get there, no doubt about it. Enjoy the next.

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suziefbGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

thanks for the encouragement unfitnomore,

I struggled a bit on the w5run1 but Achilles was OK, and I took it much slower. Learnt a lesson about not setting off too fast, and have just done w5,r3. Onwards and upwards!

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