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7 Steps forward, 2 Steps back

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Was at W7R2. Had a bitch of a fortnight. Bad knee so couldn't run, hell at work. Next thing I know I am inhaling crisps, cake and ice cream. I have gained 10lbs in 14 days.😭😭😭

Pulled myself together at last and reverted to W6R1 today. Falling off the wagon isn't great, but finding the grit to haul oneself back on again is worth celebrating.

Endorphins are pretty good too! Instant mood lift! What the hell, it's probably water weight sucked in by all those carbs🙂

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Grrrr... So easy to do.

Well done for getting back to it.

Make sure you put some plans together for post graduation to keep momentum


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Welcome back. That’s some impressive eating! That said I’ll be at least matching that weight gain next week 😂

You know what though, as long as it’s not all the time it’s good for the soul every now and then... and you have this new activity that will put things back on track between these occurrences... enjoy running it off as much as you enjoyed inhaling it!

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Hey, welcome back ! So proud of you for taking the knocks and coming back anyway. You’re my Tuesday Hero x🏅