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Week 3 plus


Didn’t think I’d be able to run when I started out, as my knee was bothering me for a minute. So I took tiny steps really lightly and focused on engaging those glutes and keeping hips nice and straight, then all seemed okay. Thought Strava was recording but it wasn’t, so I just recorded my run/walk home. So ended up probably doing 3.5km... happy with that. Iced my knee when home just for good measure.

Happy running all.

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Lovely photo

in reply to ItstheMarchHare

Thank you 😊


Great running... keep giving that knee the TLC. Sometimes pace gets in the way, so when a tracker fails to record a run it’s no bad thing. Enjoy your next... great photo too.

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Thank you unfitnomore.

Yes the knee continues to need tlc. Am taking a couple of extra days off this week🙃

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