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W2R3... I think it was OK?! 🥴


I had plans pre-run to change Michael to Laura, podcast instead of music, or just silence... but I was really faffing and avoiding leaving the house (specifically, my bed) despite it being sunny and dry, so in the end I just pressed ‘shuffle favourites’ and went. Apparently KD Lang’s Ingenue and George Michael’s Older are up there! Mellow 😌

And it was OK! My breathing got a little ragged in places, but I didn’t get to that point where I feel I’m verging on some sort of panic attack. I started running a little before Michael told me too, and kept going for a little longer after - 2 minutes on the last run. I went even slower today - I watched a video with an old Japanese man teaching a Western woman slow jogging last night (as you do) - and concentrated on springing ‘up’. I must look ridiculous but the sheep don’t care.

My BPM when running is still very high, but my resting BPM has dropped from 64 to 59, so I’m not going to worry about that any more.

I can’t say I actually enjoy running, but I am really enjoying how I feel afterwards, and am almost looking forward to the runs because of the post-run feeling...

I haven’t got the outfit right. Lightweight beanie was good but my gloves were not. My hands were sweating almost as much as my back, which drenched my lovely merino base layer. I was wearing too much again - I know I’m going to get warm, but it’s so darn cold when you step out!

First run of week 3 is scheduled for Tuesday. My son has got junior athletics club at a proper stadium. I wonder if they would let me run round the 400m track? If they did, I’d have an audience. For my first 3 minute snail run. Oh well. Better than sitting on your backside for an hour waiting for your child! He is only 8 so we haven’t reached the critically embarrassing mother stage yet, but this will be a tester!

Have a lovely Sunday all x

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Sounds like you did better than OK, sounds great to me, well done

in reply to steviej99

Thanks! 🤪


Good run. The enjoyment, for me, came once I didn’t have to concentrate on the running, so that was late in the plan... you’ll probably be the same... have a good one on Tuesday.

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