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Knee pain/swelling

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I'm on w7. Getting some pain in my right knee when I set off, in the kneecap area. After (my shockingly bad) run today the area is quite swollen. It's just below the kneecap to the outside edge. No pain currently but it is covered in ibuprofen gel! Any one got any ideas what it might be/had it themselves? Before I trundle off to the doctors. ...


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Oh no, sorry to hear that 😕

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Mine got swollen some time ago but l ignored it, so it ballooned and l got sharp pain as an extra prezzie for my idiocy.

Knee swelling up in not a good sign. GP will recommend resting up and some anti-inflammatory pills but what you really want is a specialist, either an osteopath or a sports phyio. If you get a referral you are likely to wait a while so it’d be better simply to google one in your area and pay them whatever they ask, you don’t want to mess with your knees.

The reasons for my particular injury were inadequate shoes bought without prior gait analysis, no insoles for my dodgy feet, running hard and fast as well as longer than l should have done. I was out of action for over two months as a result. Go check it out as soon as you can.

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Thanks. I'll find a sports physio in the area and get an appointment. :)

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Yep, unexplained pain = ask the doc. And probably don’t run till you know what it is.

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