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Yeah Graduated!

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Just did the third run in week 9. It was probably the worst run of the week. My usual running spot was closed so had to find an alternative. It wasn’t great with lots of obstructions and hard to focus on running but managed to slog on through to the end. Next week I am going to start 5 to 10K 9 week training and planning a 10K run in March! This has been a complete life changer. From a 47 year old who drank and smoked to release stress from my work life I had turned into an overweight unhappy middle aged misery. Now I feel motivated, am losing weight and feel happy about my life and new direction. I hope to keep it going. Thanks to the app and the wonderful help and advise on this site! Good luck to all who have found this new obsession!

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Congratulations TaiwanDog71 on graduating and completing week 9 run 3 of C25K, a very inspiring post from you. To get your graduation badge and the word GRADUATE 🎓 next to your username leave a message on the December🎄 graduate post in the pinned posts on the right side of the healthunlocked C25K home page and tell the administrators that you have ran W9R3 of C25K 🎓 🏃 😊

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Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Giving yourself a few weeks of consolidation runs will pay benefits in the long term. Make sure you are totally confident and happy at 30 mins/5k, before increasing the training load. You have loads of time to get up to 10k.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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With or without a bra 😜 Massive congratulations, TD. We’re all so proud of you 🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️

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