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W8 run 2 with extra 2 minutes of running!

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Ok I know you are all probably going to shout at me as I haven't followed the plan but I ran for an extra 2 minutes which meant I had ran non stop for 30 minutes! It was the best run since I started and I felt on top of the world when i finished at 6am this morning!

I am doing my first park run next Saturday so I think I will be more than ready to do this as I ran 2.86 miles this morning.

Please don't shout at me! :D

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Congratulations! Sometimes, pushing yourself will see the best progress!

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Great job... not gonna shout 😂

Go back to 28 next run so you don’t over do it is all I’d say that could sound negative!

You know you got it, and you have 3 of them to do next week, so a nice gentle 28 next time out will set you up nicely!

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Now I'm into the longer runs ( W7R2 in the morning ) I always do an extra minute of running, this is to account for slowing to cross roads and dodging cars that keep trying to run me over.

Just like you I'll be finished for about 6am, I love running at that time of day, not many people about and the traffic isn't too bad. Just hope it isn't icy in the morning as there might be a few Bambi moments.

Good luck with the Parkrun next Saturday.

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