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We run a long way!


My runs have always been round and round and round a block of houses near me, followed by a park finish - the flattest route in my area (I’m careful not to run anti-clockwise or say “beetlejuice” 3 times btw 👹 - only kiddin’)

Yesterday (on my rest day), I went to Minchinhampton Common to walk a potential flattish route I could run. I currently run a bit over 2 miles in the 25 minutes of week 7 (i.e. slow) so used my fitness watch to measure distance as I walked.

I was shocked to see how far I have been running when viewed out in the “open” and in a “straight” line 😳 - we can run a heck of a long way by week 7! I didn’t realise running 5km was going to be such an achievement!

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Sounds like you are doing great.


We do don’t we... when I completed 5k I messed around on maps and it’s amazing the places I could run to... of course I’d need a taxi back, so 10k is a must 😂

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