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Week 4 run 2

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Hey all,

So I've been happily plodding my way through the runs with no real problems. I did w4r1 on Monday had to slow down a little in mu last 5 min run but still a nice pace.

I did w4r2 yesterday and ... my pace was slower from the beginning in hope I could plod all the way through but nope. From the beginning struggled much more and had to slow waaayyyyy down on the last 5 min run I almost had to stop.

The difference I think is because of not enough carbs ? Or just a bad run ?

If anyone knows any reasons tips or ideas please let me know. TIA

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Are you cutting carbs? If your eating a balanced nutritious diet you shouldn’t need any extra. In general you should have enough glycogen stored in the muscles to get you beyond the distances covered on this programme.

Slowing down is fine, good even, as long as you don’t stop running you’re completing runs.

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I slowed right down on the last run of w4r2 today too. Tbh I’m not bothered if I almost came to a stop (as long as I carried on with the motion of running). I got to the end which, for me, is my goal atm. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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