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45 mins plus extra

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Change of tatics this morning to help a friend get started. Friend got some bad news and needs to loose weight and eating habit as well. So I was going out to run for 15 mins and change direction (30 all together) then meet him to do C25K week 1 r1. Got into a lovely groove and ended up doing 45 min straight run. Then me tmate to do his. In all a lovely morning. No idea how far I run, that was the deal with myself, I was just going out to run for a period of time. No checking distance etc.

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Sounds great to me, just a run! Hope you’re friends news wasn’t too bad, good job getting them started.

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JohnnylewisGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

You know what it was just nice to just run, no worrying about times etc. It's taking all my will power not to check the distance. The main point about my friend is that he basically needs to loose weight and to get the lunges opened up more. He loves swimming so he is going to do that twice a week and run twice a week. We live about 30 miles apart. He needs encouragement and if I don't go with him on the 2 runs he will just give up especially around week 4. I think I'll be able to keep my runs up and do his till about week 6 then just use them as slow run. I used his run this morning as a cool down. I just hope he's sticks at it cause he will be a new person if he does.

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Johnnylewis

Sounds like a plan for you... and keep kicking his ass until he’s addicted too, then you’ll soon have a long run buddy too!

What a great thing to do for your friend, and it looks like you've unexpectedly got something out of it too. Win win! (I'm not a stats muncher but my other half is, I can't imagine him trying NOT to check distance!)

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