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Random post - I'm raising money for charity!

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I wasn't sure whether it was appropriate to post something unrelated to running on here, but I've been using this site so much and I wanted to tell you guys about what I've been doing recently. Also, it's for a good cause so why not? :D

I'm raising money for a charity called Dig Deep, which works to improve sanitation and provide better access to clean water for rural parts of Kenya. The money fundraised would go toward building taps and toilets but most importantly, proving hygiene training that ensures that these services are maintained in the future. digdeep.org.uk/ As part of the challenge I will also be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro which is absolutely amazing! :D

In the new year I will be doing a sponsored run to raise money for Dig Deep, but in the meantime, if any of you would like to donate to my fundraiser I would really appreciate it!

One way is via easyfundrasing, which essentially means that any online shopping you do, the retailer will make a small donation at no extra cost to you! The link is here : easyfundraising.org.uk/caus...

If you just want to donate you can do so here: mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers...

This is a lot of information, and honestly just reading this far I am very grateful. Getting the word out is most important, so please spread the word to family and friends! I'll keep updating you guys on my progress! Thank you!

PS: Might as well update on my running whilst I'm here! I've been running most days. I've been finding it hard to run longer distances, and typically I am covering around 2k. I'm happy that I am consistent, and hopefully I'll cover more distance soon!

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