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Week 4 complete!

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Unfortunately it's a very busy time of year so finding the time to fit in a run has been really tough recently. I ended up with 5 days between run 2 and run 3 which wasn't ideal BUT I did my final run of Week 4 last night!

Very proud of how far I've come in just over a month - I did my first ever run of the programme on Halloween so I feel I've come a massive way.

Lots of hard work still ahead (and I'm dreading the jump in Week 5) but onwards and upwards!

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Great progress. Week 5 is the best week... don’t dread it, embrace it... relax and go slow and steady. Yes, it ends with a straight 20 minute run, but your legs and body are ready for it, it’s a mental test... and it feels great when you’re told that 20 minutes is over. You’ll be 2/3 of the way through the plan in terms of run length and only just over half way in terms of weeks, how good is that? You’ll know you got this in a weeks time... enjoy.

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