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What are your mental barriers during a run?

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I've been noticing these mental barriers when running and how unrelated they are to my actual physical ability.

I feel for me there are these hurdles at certain points near the start/middle of a run. Before the hurdle I feel I can't do it and don't have the energy or stamina. Afterwards, I find energy and an ease that I couldn't imagine having.

Today (w4r3) I noticed as soon as I start the first (3min) run, the very first second, I have the thoughts I can't do this, I'm tired already and I've only walked, my body feels too heavy for this. Then towards the end of the first run, it feels so natural and doable (of course it was still an effort).

Or for example I'll start a 5 min run, be ok at the start, seriously flag half way through (I'm always so shocked when she says I'm half way through that it hasn't been the whole 5 mins) but not long after I'll be in the flow of it with no doubt I'll make it to the end.

Anyone else notice these kinds of patterns before or during a run?

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Yep. These are your internal gremlins who are mighty unhappy at your new regime and they are going to try hard to get you back on that sofa where life was sooo much easier!

The more you do it the quieter they will become.

Bear in mind also that our brains will also make us try to give up thinking we just can't "do it" when only 40% of our energy has been used. This is just our inbuilt energy saver. Over time you'll learn when you can happily ignore those thoughts and when you should listen (usually only when under hydrated, or something is actually hurting).


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Yeah... all those voices are liars! Ignore them, answer them back, or even tell them where to go! You can do this.

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Chimp Paradox. It’s a book that will tell you all about that voice. That voice that sabotages things, acts on the emotions. Knowing about him helps, but it doesn’t get rid of those voices.

If you see me out running, talking to myself, I’m telling my chimp that he can do this & he’ll feel much better after, or that I’m not listening to him. 😊😊

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Hi Cinnamon_ I'm a November 2018 graduate and found it a bit easier when the period of continuous jogging extended.

Even long time runners I talk to get little niggles and aches and it can take a few minutes for those grumbling gremlins to be drowned out by endorphins and adrenaline etc.

You're past the halfway point. 😸

Run slow and steady. Don't be tempted to go quicker. Be gentle on yourself. Do this and after week 6 it starts to feel more natural.

Don't tell this to anyone else but... Smile at your gremlins! (It really annoys them)

🎅Xmas Katnap 🎅

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