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W9r1 again

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Decided to redo this one as it didn’t record properly last week, my fault. Was reading that someone last week said their aim wasn’t so much distance but actually getting out there for 30 minutes. I agree, am at the stage that twice a week suits me, I get to 20 mins in running and have to walk for about a minute then can carry on for 5 mins then walk again, but, I’m out there, I’m exercising and enjoying it, win win!! 🎉 if I can do it, anyone can.

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I think that was me! I am now jogging (very slowly) for 30 minutes, soon to graduate. I’ve come to love being in the park in the dark, but the main thing for me, is to know I’m doing something healthy for myself on a regular basis.

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I certainly love just running at my pace... I do go on some runs for a time target and others for distance... but I only look at my pace to make sure it’s slow enough for the run I’m doing, never fast enough! You’re doing great, you’ll soon break that 20 minute barrier you seem to have.

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