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Starting Week 9!

Hard work this morning!

A slower run than W8R3 but I had decided to go gently this morning. Nonetheless, I was a bit sad it was slower - but nowhere near as exhausting, which had to be a pay-off with most of the day to go!

I can always blame the headwind - which was quite strong and gusty, especially challenging on the way out, but sadly it wasn’t pushing me along on the way home!

All of that said, I carried on running to my pet stopping point, another minute or so of running, just to prove I could!

One more and then I should, all being well be on my ’graduation run’ - who’d have thought it! I certainly wouldn’t have six months or so ago!

Huzzah for me!

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Celebrate the slower runs... they make your fast faster! 80% plus of your running should be at a slow pace... that’s how we build muscles for distance running, great run... enjoy the next one.

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Slow is good... the slow runs make the running legs :)


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