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Sweet Sixteen ...minutes of running🙃


Today I did W4R1 and was not in a great frame of mind before I started ( slight hangover from v nice red🍷) . I had planned to do yesterday and life just got in the way!

I was a bit worried I would not last the 3 min runs again never mind the 5 minute ones... however I did it - pretty slow and steady and it has really cheered me up!

My coach is Sarah Milligan and honestly I could have hugged her at the end when she said I had ran for longer than I had walked .. this is also run 10 for me !

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Yay you did it! You commented on my last post as we were at the same point and I also ended up running W4R1 today (but mine was due to achy legs so a much less fun reason haha!)

Congratulations! Go us :)


brilliant keep it going, I have just finished week 4 and now looking forward to week 5 especially run 3 …..20mins


Great job. Slow and steady is perfect... enjoy the next one

I also started my w4 yesterday. The last 2.5 minutes were tough, had to lower the speed on the treadmill but the rest felt fab.

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