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Week 6 completed at last!

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I did W6R2 on Wednesday for the fourth time - every time previously I got there I had to stop for a bit due to family problems or accident or illness and then had to repeat earlier runs - so I am thrilled to finally complete week 6 (after about 3 months). Sarah Milliken said that I can now consider myself officially a runner! I won't pretend it was easy - but when she said that there was only a minute to go and suggested I pick up the pace, I was able to do it. I have been running in my old sketchers which I am now finding very tight when I finish running, so I'm going to treat myself to new running shoes this weekend ;-) Good luck everybody!

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Enjoy the shoe shopping... great job... enjoy week 7

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Good job TFT ! ⭐️ Hope you find the shoes of your dreams 😀

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Well done, that is brilliant. Enjoy your well earned new shoes. X

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