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That’s was a warm run!!

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Week 8 today and I actually found it fine the last few mins I ended up going up an incline so wanted to die and Sarah didn’t give a 60sec warning. But I did it.

Played around with speeding up at times for short distances too. Came back a sweaty beetroot!

Iv had to get insoles as my knees and feet are hurting so these have started to rub on my instep abit which is to be expected as I will need to get used to them.

Iv had 2-3 rest days the last week to help with the pain as don’t want to make anything worse. But otherwise I’m almost there.

3 Replies
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Well done! 😄 Good to hear you are finding the way in YOUR journey. - What we all need to do. I’ll start polishing the podium for you! 😃

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PinkybeeGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Aww thank you yes il be there soon 😁

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Elfe5Graduate in reply to Pinkybee

Yes & then a whole new adventure to enjoy! 😀

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