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W7R2 - getting there slowly


Hello all,

I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I would give you a little update.

So I did Wk6 Run 3 over a week ago and managed the 25 minutes without stopping even though it was a struggle towards the end but I felt amazing!

I had 8 days off due to work commitments and other things which meant I didn't have a chance to get out and start week 7. So Sunday morning I went out and it was a disaster! The first half went fine and actually went really quick but just before 20 minutes had passed I was starting to struggle. She then said only 5 minutes left and normally at that point I get a small spurt of energy and manage to finish. However, 21 minutes in and I had to stop. I had a really bad stitch and my legs felt so heavy. I was so annoyed with myself! I carried on walking for about 5 minutes fuming at myself and thought here is a hill on the way back to my house so I ran a further 3 minutes up hill but then my breathing went all funny and I had to stop again!

Feeling deflated I thought today I am going to do it. So i was up at half 5 this morning in the pouring rain and I did it! There were times were I felt like I was struggling slightly but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as Sunday so now I am feeling positive again :D

Did anyone else struggle with week 7 or is it just me being silly?

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Oh yes! I sailed through first 6 weeks but w7r2 was a killer for me. Good folks on here reassured me that everyone has bad runs at unexpected times and I've had no problems since. Sounds like your back on track already!

Yup, it's definitely a thing. I had a really bad run round about week 7. Didn't actually stop but I slowed down so much I was barely going forward, that gave my breathing a chance to sort itself out. Next run, absolutely fine. Weird, isn't it! Top tip, though, I find that doing some dynamic stretches as part of a warm-up means I'm less likely to struggle with breathing, getting a stitch etc. But not held stretches, so swinging legs back and fore, and side to side etc.

I have just finished week 7 and it was a real struggle for me too so no, you’re not being silly! My body felt so heavy and exhausted even though I managed it I didn’t enjoy it. I’m wondering whether to do wk 7 for another week before going on to 8.

Well done for doing it though.

Keep going... I think we’re amazing!! 😁


Just come in from W7R3, wasn't easy, done last two or three on treadmill because of constant injuries (an age thing I think) that way I can stop and not have to walk back hobbling!🤣 can't understand why it was harder outside as I've been putting incline up to 3% on treadmill. Anyway, onwards and upwards, only six to go and hopefully finish for Christmas, we can do it!!

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