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Tracking my runs


I have been trying to figure out how far I've run by manually measuring it with the website: which gave me a good enough idea for shorter distances. But now that I am on the Week 9 running 30mins continuously, I found myself losing track of how many loops of the park I've done. Also, I just did W9R1 this morning and OnTheGoMap says I ran 5.55km, which seems impossible to me as I could only run 4.4km in 28mins last week!

I'm finally going to give phone GPS tracking apps a go. I downloaded Under Armour's Map My Run and don't like the way it collects so much of my personal data. Apart from that, is there one you would recommend?

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I use MMR and slso Strava. Both are very popular. Strava has lots of privacy settings available although it still holds lots of data. I have also used RunGo for voice directions. There are other apps too, but MMR and Strava are well used and have been around a long time.

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