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Not given up!


So some of you may remember I was stressing last week because I couldn’t run due to coming down with a cold- turns out it was full blown flu! So I was sensible and stayed off work and the gym for a whole week!

So this week I went back to start W4! I have completed 2 of these runs this week and on Thursday I will complete W4!

I’m finding this tough going! I don’t feel I have my breathing right! I don’t feel that my fitness is improving at all and I’m wondering how I will ever graduate this programme!

Any tips?????

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The best advice which you will see all the time on here take each run slow and steady and also just take each run as it comes,one at a time!

Don't look too far ahead into the programme.

Slow and steady and you will do it!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Right so:- you got terribly ill with the flu

- you’ve given yourself a week whilst ill and to recover

This is not a step back.

All it means is that you’re body is a little weaker than usual, short-term, because you’ve just fought off a flu.

May take another week to feel 100%

Couch to 5k is NOT a race. It’s your journey.

Due to the circumstances, you may need to repeat Week 4 a few more times. Whilst your recovering. And then up to Week 5 when you’re 100%.

The program is only a guide, so you’re body may find it slows some weeks than others in improving endurance. Especially after the flu!!

So don’t panic about finishing Week 4, keep at it until you feel ready for Week 5. May only be 4 runs instead of 3, or maybe 8 instead of 3. Let your body tell you when you’re ready to push yourself up to Week 5 and challenge yourself further.

As for breathing. I’ve spent years trying to research the best techniques. I end up overthinking and it all goes wrong whilst running!

I’d just aim to breathe as calmly as you can, and it’ll match the circumstances of how slow/fast you’re going. And don’t hold your breath!

Good luck 😃


if you had flu..then you need another week off. Rest up and then head off and take it really slowly...


Course you’re improving. Take a minute to remember week 1. See what I mean ? Embrace that inner snail and take it easy on yourself. You’ll get there, and we’re all with you every step of the way x

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