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W2R2 🏃🏻‍♀️


I spent my night last night saying I felt like dropping this whole programme as I’d gone through the programme list and couldn’t see myself completing it.

However, I managed the second run of week 2 today with more ease than the first.

I’m still feeling slightly deflated as the end goal seems so far away

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Hey watsoa you've started at one of the toughest times of year. Please keep with it, it does get better I promise you. And you know what the end goal always is far away. Like most folks on here, once I could run for 30 minutes I wanted to run for a longer distance and I changed my goals. But the goal you’ve already met is that you’ve made a start, you’ve done Week 1 - which is the toughest in my opinion, because you’re learning and building up your coping tools.

W2 R2 being better than W2 R1, shows already you’re being successful. Good luck and happy running


You’ve done really well getting started so don’t let that go to waste. When I started I thought I would never be able to run for 30 minutes. Everyone tells you that you will but I thought they were probably younger or slimmer or more sporty than me and I wouldn’t manage it. It did take me more than the 9 weeks but I did it and I’m sure you can. Don’t look ahead just concentrate on the week your are in. Take it slowly and I’m sure you will get there.


Don't worry about the runs ahead. The only one to concentrate on is the next one.

Most people can't imagine running for 30 minutes when at the early stages, but stick with the plan and you will do it...........yes, you will.

This might help put it in perspective healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Belief is all but at this stage it is just about the next workout.

Very soon, if not already, you will notice your improved recovery times.........the first sign of progress.

You are doing great, so stick with it.


Please don't give up. I, like you, felt exactly the same thing when I started. Today I've run for 28 minutes!!!!!! If you'd told me that in week 2, well I'd still be laughing now.

Just stick with it and you CAN do it.


You are doing really well,so please keep going!

Don't look too far ahead into the programme.....just take each week as it comes and you will be surprised at how it prepares you for the next one.

Just take your time and go steady with each run.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Know how you feel, I've just about completed week 3 and feel that 40 minutes of running is a long way off


Don’t dwell on what’s coming. In fact forget it. Having been there I can promise that this program works. Just concentrate on today’s run and obey what Laura says. Says a 3 score and 10 plus.


Take the great advice from IannodaTruffe ...Slow and steady is all it takes...

Relax and take it gently......keep posting for great support and advice and just trust the plan :)

You are just at the beginning.... but soon.... :)

This is a terrific programme, and each week makes you stronger... you will soon find that you are wanting to run... honestly:)

Think everyone’s done this. I took a peek at week 3 and reached for the gin bottle! 😂😂. I’m now finished week six and just did my first park run today. Stick with it listen to the “go slow and breathe” advice and you’ll rattle through the weeks. Week one I had to cut short each minute as it drained the life out of me! 👍


You can do it...but don't look ahead, just take one run at a time, and you will surprise yourself. Slow and steady, follow the snails, and have faith. Oh and smile, it really helps, don't know why, but it does. 🐌🐌🐌🙂.

Remember, we're all here to help you when you wobble, and believe me, we've all been there. There will be difficult runs, but the joyous ones outweigh those. Enjoy 🌻

You're doing so well! I'm on week 1, day 2. Something that helps me is thinking that 9 weeks are going to pass anyway, regardless of whether I'm running or not. I'd rather get to the end of 9 weeks having graduated C25K than not, though! :)

I've done this once before (graduated C25K, I mean) and let me tell you, the best is still to come. It's such an empowering feeling, to be able to run all that time without stopping. I was never a runner before C25K, and it totally changed my life. I know you can do it!


Keep going, the plan really works. I nearly gave up after week 2, but didn’t and started week 9 today. I often don’t feel like going out but always feel a sense of achievement after completing the run.

You can do this (best Jo Whiley impression) - try to not look ahead and focus on each run on its own merit. These comments around run durations to come have alarmed me a tad as I know that my stamina isn't great and keeping going running alone is a real nemesis for me but I am just trying to think of it as getting my backside off the sofa & moving alone. Slowly slowly we'll build it up one run at a time. I Am never going to be an athlete but am so buzzing after each run even when struggling that I know it is doing me good which is the main thing. All the best.

don't give up, I know its hard sometimes! this is my second time in doing this and i regret giving up running, after i completed it last time...so here i am for a second time! Its just as hard as it was the first and i still have to talk myself into getting out there and doing it, but i promise you it is so worth it. Try not to look at the end runs, just take them one at a time and be proud of each achievement as you do it. Your doing fantastic, just go at your own pace as it's not a competition there are no winners and losers for speed. we are all winners here because we are trying :) Give yourself a big pat on the back, and don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone on here will be happy to give you support, everyone has been there or on there way... you can do this just believe you can and you will :)

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