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W4R2 had to stop 😟


I just finished W4R2 but had to stop halfway through the third (3 minute) run because my calves were killing me! I continued to brisk walk and completed the final five minute run where my calves didn't feel as bad. This is the first time I've not 100% completed a run and I feel a bit deflated! My last run was 5 days ago although, I have had longer gaps between runs and not struggled as much. I have just done it off the back of a birthday weekend away which was more indulgent in terms of food and drink than normal, but was totally relaxing in every way (no kids! 😂). Maybe this was why I struggled? Should I do this run again before doing R3 or just carry on as normal?

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I think it will be up to you, we all have good and bad days, I had a day like that yesterday and contemplated doing the previous week again, but, life’s life, and I’m gonna continue,you will probably be fine on your next one, put this run behind you, and onwards🏃‍♀️


Good workout.

Dehydration wouldn’t help, but that’s about the only thing there that should affect a run a day or two later at this stage. Your call on what to do next, I would have repeated, but it’s your journey.


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