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I set off this morning with, for some unknown reason, more apprehension than for any previous run. It would have been so very easy to put it off for another day. The first 5/10 minutes were awful , not helped by the oddly corrupted robotic coaching voice - something had gone wrong with the coaching recording. But I pushed through it using my now rapidly becoming established technique of swearing at my legs every few minutes - Interestingly I no longer seem to have any particular breathing or stomach muscle issues - must be getting fitter!!! So then suddenly 28 minutes later I find myself finishing the run . Perhaps the slowest speed I have ever run but i now feel that I have one success under my belt. I now KNOW that I can run for 30 minutes. And If i can anyone can

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Great job and some good breakthroughs there. Slow runs are fun, and you realise that you got this! Enjoy closing it out.


Well done - you're on the home stretch now!

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