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Should I try running after muscle tear


I want to get back to running today after a muscle tear should I try today or wait until sports physio says you can run again getting fed up not running

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Sorry.. did not mean to shout..but your Physio needs to give you the go ahead.. and how to get back into it, as well...It is so so easy to re-injure after even a minor calf tear..I speak from experience.

This was my post, after my spell on the IC and my treatment sessions...

The runs will wait :)


We are well meaning and full of encouragement, but we (for the most part) are not medically qualified, so please heed the advice of your physio, who knows your case.

Rushing back is not the answer. You need a slow and steady reintroduction, once the medical professional has given the go ahead.

Try other strength exercises while you wait.

Be patient and take care.

Ok advice taken I will see what he says tomorrow thank you for advice you stop me from going out and doing a stupid thing

Be a patience patient Garden17. Honestly l can emphasis with your frustration as I’ve been on the IC for over 3 weeks & have a few more to go😱 (the reason it’s taking so long is because l rushed back with the same injury) Hopefully you’ll be back soon after you’ve been given the all clear. Speedy recovery👍🏻

Thank you

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